Men's Retreat

February 10-11, 2023

“Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.” – 1 Corinthians 16:13

In a world that decries the nation-building strength of men as “toxic masculinity” and celebrates men who put on dresses and identify as women as “pioneering” and “bold,” it’s time for men of God to arise.

Our world has seen enough spineless, faithless, hopeless, directionless men who cave to the demands of culture and lead it nowhere. Stop screwing around. Be the man of God your wife, children, coworkers, and neighbors need.


Men’s Retreat

We’re gonna talk about what it means to raise a godly family and be the men of God our world needs.

Oh, and we’ll work in lots of worship, time at the gun range, hikes, campfires, and maybe even a manly movie or two.


February 10-11 2023
Friday night through Saturday

  • Check-in: Friday 5-7 pm (first meeting starts at 7 pm)
  • Check-out: Saturday 10pm


Cost: $100

Price includes housing and all meals and activities


Bring personal toiletries, a towel, and a Bible.

Bring anything you may want for the firing range (eye and ear protection, firearms, ammo).

And because there are trails and a sledding hill at Glacier Hills County Park, you may want to bring boots, sled, and any outdoor gear you’ll want.


Glacier Hills County Park
1664 Friess Lake Rd
Hubertus, WI 53033

GPS: 43.24771129188435, -88.28415333914292

We are staying in the old ranger house, located all the way within the park, near the lake.

NOTE: You do not need a park pass during the retreat.

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Note that everything could change at any moment, but our rough schedule will be something like the following:

  • Friday
    • 4pm: Check-in begins
    • 7pm: First session
    • 9pm: Manly Movie Night
  • Saturday
    • 8am: Breakfast
    • 10am: Second session
    • Noon: Lunch
    • 1:45pm: Shooting range
    • 5pm: Dinner
    • 6pm: Final session
The retreat should be wrapped up by 7 or 8pm.


We are renting the old ranger house at Glacier Hills County Park. Some things to note about our lodging:

  • The house is located here, marked “Rental House.” Follow signs for the Sledding Hill or Chapel.
  • A more complete map of the park can be found here, with the house located across from “Shelter 1.”
  • You will not need a park pass to enter the park.
  • Bring your own towel, washrag, toiletries, pillow, and sheets / blankets / sleeping bag.
  • Due to the overwhelming response to the retreat and the limited number of beds in the house, everyone will share rooms and some will sleep on air mattresses or cots. We will have plenty to use, but if you have something you can bring, bring it along.
  • Think of the retreat more as a glorified overnight camping trip and less as a luxury hotel stay.


For those interested, we will spend some time Saturday afternoon at a local gun range (The Range of Richfield).

If you’ve never shot before, or if it’s been a while, don’t worry. The Range is very safe and professional. They will give us a brief safety primer before shooting, and they will have a number of range officers on hand to make sure everything goes smoothly.

A few details to note:

  • All shooters must have a driver’s license or other form of ID.
  • Your retreat fee will cover the safety briefing, 1 hour of shooting, ear plugs, safety glasses, and a few paper targets per person.
  • You must pay for or provide your own ammo and any additional targets, both of which are available to purchase at The Range.
  • Eyeglasses or standard safety glasses are acceptable for eye protection, but we will also have some available.
  • If you bring your own ammo, it must be non-magnetic. No steel ammo. No green-tipped 556.
  • All standard pistol calibers are acceptable, up to 500 S&W.
  • All standard rifle calibers are acceptable.
  • For shotguns, only single projectile slugs are acceptable.
  • If you do not have your own gun, there should be plenty to use, or you can rent something from The Range (not included in retreat cost). Costs are $15 for each handgun and $20 for each rifle.

For more details about The Range, you can check out their website.


We will provide various snacks and all meals except for Friday dinner since people may arrive at different times. So breakfast, lunch, and dinner Saturday are covered, but be sure to make your own dinner plans Friday.

Various guys have volunteered to do the cooking, and while the menu may change, meals will probably include bacon and eggs, sub sandwiches, and tacos.

If you have special dietary needs, we most likely will not be able to accommodate you, so plan accordingly.